How to write a focus group discussion report

Researching issues and writing questions for your focus group session is only the first part of the process. Completion of a comprehensive report based on the results of the session will help your managers develop new strategies and sales techniques to better meet the needs of your customers.

How to write a focus group discussion report

Through this article, you will learn important tips on reporting these findings. Normally a group of eight to twelve people gather to discuss the important happenings in the organization. Planning the entire process efficiently before conducting a focus group is very important to achieve what is intended.

If you are the moderator you will need to understand and learn how to conduct a focus group. Build a rapport, familiarize yourself with the team and the objectives by reading the profiles of the group members and other related documents. Develop ground rules for the focus group and, most importantly, remember to follow them sincerely.

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Be a role model and lead the team. Make sure you have a note taker or a recorder to take down the notes during the entire session. Use feedback forms or handouts while conducting a session to gather the quantitative data.

how to write a focus group discussion report

Arrange for accessories like notebooks, pens, pencils, water well before starting the session. Inform the team in advance about the venue, time and date so no confusion occurs in the beginning of the session.

Once the notes are taken, arrange them in the order below. With prior intimation to the members, you may also choose to tape record the entire session. Name and brief information about the participants, place, date and time Objective of the focus group Key questions discussed and relevant responses from the group Key issues discussed and responses from the group Any particular issue unanswered Conclusion Remember to highlight the key points shared by the participants.

The qualitative outcome is the result of the analysis done on the notes taken from the session. This will be very useful to analyze the findings appropriately.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation based on the information you have collated in the Word document. This will help you cover the happenings from the entire session and not miss any important decisions made.

The PowerPoint presentation should cover the objective s of the focus group, key information discussed, results and the required changes proposed. There are various analysis methods like a Logical or Matrix analysis, Ground theory, Quasi statistics, Micro or Event analysis, Metaphorical analysis, and a Hermeneutical analysis are available for analyzing the qualitative data.

Create a graphical presentation by analyzing the quantitative data collated from the handouts. Use a layout prepared earlier and start with the Word document. Write all the relevant information under titles and sub titles. The report should start with the information about the focus group, continue with the topics discussed and complete with the proposed changes.

Use at least one accurate quote made by the participants under each of the titles and sub titles. Power proofread the reports and edit the contents as necessary.responsibilities. To gain this additional understanding of employees’ experiences, a focus group study was commissioned by the Work-Life Committee.

how to write a focus group discussion report

Dr Charlene Berquist, Department of Communication, volunteered to design and conduct the focus group study. Assisting were graduate students enrolled in . A Report on FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION leikai Kodompokpi Mamang leikai.

Attend the focus group discussion and take notes.

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Arrange notes and make a basic outline of the report based on central ideas and themes discussed in the group. Wait for complete transcripts of the focus group before beginning to write the full report. Read the focus group transcripts.

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Learn How to Report Focus Group Findings Using MS Word and PowerPoint