How to write an article in 7 minutes or less download

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How to write an article in 7 minutes or less download

You know about the importance of book launches, book reviews and even business cards as elements in marketing your book.

Writing guest posts for high traffic blogs is an excellent way to improve your author profile and help sell your books. While they are all necessary, all of these tasks take a lot of time. But you have probably completed them all by now, and you are looking for some new ideas to build momentum on your books promotionally.

Seventeen marketing ideas that you can complete in less than an hour and a half. Re-publish a post to Medium. Add your blog feed to Goodreads. If you have good basic computer skills and can copy and paste URL links and text and upload images, you will probably beat the clock.

Re-publish on Medium Medium is a great site to share your blog posts because it is a site for avid article readers. There is no SEO penalty for adding your existing articles from your blog.

how to write an article in 7 minutes or less download

Only a terrific opportunity to find new readers. Finding where to do this is not so obvious, but here is where you can import your posts and re-publish on Medium. Go to your profile and select Stories, and not New Story. Once you click on Stories, select Import.

Protect yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self.

Then you will be on the screen to import your blog post. A good idea is to add links at the end of your article linking to your books, blog, website or social media links.

Another tip is to change your main image or add new images to your post to freshen it up for Medium readers. Any publicity is good publicity. Add a book excerpt to Wattpad Wattpad has three significant advantages. One is that is popular and has lots of readers.

Give me Wattpad over Goodreads any day. Second, it that you can publish chapters of your books.Minutes, also known as minutes of meeting (abbreviation MoM), protocols or, informally, notes, are the instant written record of a meeting or typically describe the events of the meeting and may include a list of attendees, a statement of the issues considered by the participants, and related responses or decisions for the issues.

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This book won't tell you how to write an article: it will tell you how to REwrite an article. It already assumes that you have a complete draft before you even begin, so 12 weeks doesn't include research, planning or drafting at all/5(). Article Marketing Secrets Revealed.

If you'd love to learn the secrets of speed writing - to produce articles at a higher quality, yet faster than ever before - then you've come to the right place.

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Download It Today! You can get started with this small investment today. Your payment will be processed securely and you'll be assigned a. Alignment. You might think only designers are hypersensitive to precise placement and arrangement of information on a visual.

But, every member of your audience makes decisions regarding the importance of information and the relationship between elements on a slide based on their alignment or arrangement.

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how to write an article in 7 minutes or less download

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