Space programme of india essay

Essay on Indian Space Programme Article shared by: The space programme was formalised with the constitution of the Space Commission and the Department of Space DOS in to formulate and implement space policies in the country.

Space programme of india essay

This was the day when first rocket from India was launched. It was also the day when Thumba Equatorial Launching station came into operation. The rocket was assembled in a nearby church which had been acquired for building the said station.

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The first India made rocket lifted from Thumba in This 10 kg pencil rocket had propellants made in India and it was assembled in church building which is now a museum of space memorabilia.

Since then there is no looking bad. It has groups of specialists doing research in every field of rocketry including aerospace, aerodynamics, propulsion, avionics, thermo control structures and propellants.

The aerospace group plays a key role in building launch vehicles. The main objective of the programme was to provide space based services in spheres of communication, metrology, resources survey and management, develop satellites and launch vehicles and associated ground system.

Our space programme can be divided into two parts: It is the centre for launch vehicle development, rocket research and planning and execution of launch vehicle development projects of ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation.

Here the work of designing and development of inertial systems for both satellites and launch vehicles in carried on.

It is the centre for research and development for conceiving, organizing and building systems for practical applications of space technology. The major fields of activity include satellite communications remote sensing and meteorology.

Large scale production of solid rocket popellent and ground testing of solid fueled rocket stages of launch vehicles is also carried over here. Space craft engineers busy in building satellites which will make India self sufficient in space technology. INSAT 2-A was intended to be simply a test space craft but it worked so well that it was made into an operational satellite.

ISRO is now implementing a space programme to raise the standard of living of the people through new and novice applications such as tele-medicine, tele-education and e-government. It is a holistic approach.

In building satellites India has achieved world leadership.

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ISSRO is on the verge of possessing RISAT Rader Imaging Satellite with its micro-wave imaging capability which can see through rain and clouds day and night and can provide imagery and information on soil moisture, water availability even during the monsoon season.

It is a unique mission in the world. Thirty seven India satellites have till now been deployed.

Space programme of india essay

It looks like an up-scale multistoreyed apartment with elegant windows on different flowers, beautifully pained doors and spectacular walls.

It has the flexibility to accommodate any type of vehicle after minor modification and without entailing major investment. A rocket weighing tones can be assembled in it. The launch tower is 76 meter high. It is made of steel and is painted in grey color. It has two overhead cranes, one of which can lift weight up to tones and the capacity of the other is 10 tones, it look for years to complete this VAB.

Space programme of india essay

It has six sets of foldable platforms to assemble the launch tower. The platforms can move from a height of 10 to 76 meters.

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Antrix has also an agreement with Singapore to deploy a kg. Remote sensing satellite in Antrix is also seeking to exploit the GSLV to launch kg.

Satellite in the geo-synchronous transfer orbit GTO. There is a demand to launch two or three satellites of this weight every year and this demand may continue for another for 8 years to come.Today, INS AT and IRS are the major programmes of ISRO.

India has, today, robust launch vehicle programme, with the help of which it can launch spacecraft indigenously. The programme is mature enough to offer launch services to the outside world. ANTRIX, the commercial arm of the space department, is concerned with India’s space services globally.

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The space programme was formalised with the constitution of the Space Commission and the Department of Space (DOS) in to formulate and implement space policies in the country. The Space Commission is the nodal agency for coordinating R&D activities in space science and technology.

By Todd Pekats – business unit leaders and executives have to get involved in the initiative as well. Day flaw in China, but executives still hesitate to india’s space programme essay words pdf accept insights from inside the “black box” without seeing the logic behind them. India Space program The space program had its genesis in the Indian National Committee of Space Research, which was established in as part of the Department of Atomic Energy.

In the Department of Space and the Space Commission were established as the executive and policy wings of . Sample essay on the Space Programmes of India (ISRO). Twenty first day of November, may be remembered as a red letter day in the history of India’s space programme.

This was the day when first rocket from India was launched. Related Articles: Scientific Essay on Indian’s Advancement in . Over the last four and half decades, the Indian space programme has made impressive progress through a well integrated, self:reliant programme. Indian Space Research Organization.

Essay on Indian Space Programme